Saturday, March 31, 2007

Jamie's 2007 Titanic Dinner

10 course dinner:

1) Goat Cheese chevre souffle
2) "double" soup: beet vichyssoise / tarragon
3) oven-steamed salmon with a mousseline sauce
4) chicken lyonnaise
5) palate cleanser: merlot sorbet
6) beef wellington / wild rice / sauteed beans
7) salad
8) cheeses
9) oranges en surprise (from the Titanic)
10) tea / lemon shortbread / chocolate

Goat Cheese Souffle:

"double" soup: beet vichyssoise /tarragon pea

oven-steamed salmon with a mousseline sauce

Chicken Lyonnaise

Merlot Sorbet

Beef Wellington / wild rice / sauteed beans

I omitted the salad picture- nothing spectacular there.

One of various Cheeses

Oranges en Surprise

Chocolates + Lemon Shortbread

Table Setting

View of Whole Table

Totally awesome 6 burner, dual zone oven, Wolf range

Soup Prep


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