Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jiao Zi (dumplings)

Jiao Zi

Typically, when making jiao zi dough, I like to use about 3 cups of flour for every 1 cup of cold water. And of those 3 cups of flour, I use 2 cups bleached All Purpose White Flour, and 1 cup unbleached. The unbleached gives a little more gluten to the dough, makes the dough a bit stretchier and easier to wrap, and makes it taste sweeter.

For dough requiring hot water (like bao bing [moo shi pork], sweet scallion rolls, chiveboxes, etc..), just the same ratio of flour to water, but use boiling, instead of cold water.

Those are just general ratios- just add water as you mix, until you achieve the right consistency.

Filling: Ground turkey + diced Chinese white radish + green onions + oyster mushrooms
Don't forget salt!

Skin: I like a variation using white whole wheat flour substituted for the unbleached flour. It gives a slightly coarser texture.

  1. Knead dough.
  2. Form into cylinder, cut into rounds.
  3. Roll out into roughly 3" diameter flat rounds.
  4. Wrap with meat.
  5. Serve with sauce, or lightly pan fry if you wish.

Jiao zi waiting for the boiling water.


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