Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wonton Soup

Wontons are delicious with homemade chicken stock.

Wonton Soup

- 1 pot of chicken stock (I use leftover breast-bone, drumsticks, etc..)
- Squash
- Carrots
- Thin Asian noodles
- Spinach leaves (washed)
- Dried seaweed

- Wonton wrappers
- Ground pork
- Scallions

  1. Remove meat from bones; discard bones after boiling the seasoning out of them.
  2. Strain soup to remove flotsam.
  3. Mix wonton filling together; ground pork, diced scallions, salt, pepper.
  4. Wrap "nurse's cap" style. Use water to seal; remove any bubbles in wrapping.
  5. Add carrots to boiling soup.
  6. Then cook wontons.
  7. Add squash and spinach last, as they cook the quickest.
  8. Add separately cooked noodles.

"Nurse's cap" style. Put a small bit of filling in the upper half of the wrapper with a teaspoon. Then add water to upper half edges of wrapper. Fold lower half over, seal tightly, pinching with fingers. Add more water to the two lower corners of the folded wonton, and pinch together.

More wontons...

Final soup! Tada.


At 12:29 PM , Blogger slu said...

Oh man, I should not read your blog when I'm hungry. Kills me! :)


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