Friday, November 24, 2006

Truffle Flavors Finalized

Lightly toasted a bunch of hazelnuts today, and hand chopped them up. Will go into a combined pot of other nuts, including walnuts and almonds.

Well, to make matters simpler, I'll stick to 4 basic types of truffles. They are as follows (and I've named them too!):

• The Princetonian: Velvety 28% Schokinag white chocolate, with a hint of Grand Marnier, ribboned by 70% dark bittersweet Callebaut.
• The Hermarchus: Rich, silky 70% dark bittersweet Valrhona Grands Crus Guanaja envelops your palate, with an exterior of either lightly toasted walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts.
• The Colombian: 70% Santander dark bittersweet chocolate, with a burst of Kahlua and espresso, coated with 60% Poulain cocoa powder.

That's from the truffle manifest which I will include in individual boxes. Hey, presentation is everything! Now, the first truffle is called the Princetonian, because it has Grand Marnier in it, an ORANGE liqueur. As you can see, my flog gets some PR here, with the second truffle variation. =)


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