Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lamb Au Poivre with Balsamic Reduction, Julienned Root Vegetables

Lamb Au Poivre

- Lamb rib chops
- Thyme
- Aged balsamic vinegar
- Ground black pepper or better yet, peppercorns
- Butter
- Carrots, parsnips, julienned

  1. French lamb rip chops.
  2. Rub room temperature butter onto lab chop faces. Then add pepper, and thyme. Refrigerate 2 hours before cooking, allow butter to solidify.
  3. Let warm to room temperature. Sear lamb chops ~ 2 min. per side.
  4. Transfer to oven, bake ~ 5 minutes at 400 degrees F.
  5. Toss root vegetables in sesame oil, salt, pepper. Bake simultaneously with lab chops.
  6. Let lamb chops rest ~ 2 minutes before serving.
  7. Reduce balsamic vinegar in same skillet.
  8. Drizzle over chops, and serve.

Frenched lamb rib chops with thyme and pepper seasoning, about to be refrigerated.

Final product. Root vegetables a bit too oily.

Alternate variation, without root vegetables. A nice bed of cooked greens instead.


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