Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Amuse bouche: Yellowfin Poke with Sesame Oil Powder

I like to cook at least one gourmet dinner a year in order to improve my techniques and flavor profiles. This year I tried to incorporate more "molecular gastronomy" techniques in the form of food powders and pliable chocolate ganache. I also wanted to showcase some colorful vegetables for this summer-themed dinner.

First up, an amuse bouche comprising Yellowfin Poke with Sesame Oil Powder.

Sesame Oil powder is easier to make than it sounds. I didn't have any tapioca maltodextrin on hand, so I substituted tapioca starch instead and it worked fine.

Sesame Oil Powder

- Sesame oil
- Tapioca starch

I basically added sesame oil to tapioca starch in a small food processor until it achieved the desired consistency and fragrance.

Yellowfin Poke

- Fresh sashimi grade yellowfin tuna
- Green ends of green onions
- 1 x small red onion
- ginger
- sesame oil
- soy sauce
- salt/pepper

  1. Finely dice the green onions, red onion, ginger.
  2. Finely cube the yellowfin tuna.
  3. Mix ingredients together to taste.
Serve sesame oil powder with the tuna poke.


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